SOE Fan Faire 2007 - Las Vegas
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Fan Faire in Las Vegas is a wonderful thing.  


I arrived in Vegas on Wednesday. Lots of folks seem to be having troubles with airlines these days, not me though, somehow flying out of Milwaukee seems to make things go smoothly. I landed on time at about 5:45pm, grabbed my checked bag, made record time travelling to the hotel, checking in, dropping bags in my room, running down through the casino to catch a bus to the Lance Burton show at 6:30. After that, it was meeting up with old friends and making new ones for the rest of the evening. 

Thursday was the Community Relations and Marketing Summit, and many issues were discussed (most covered by NDA.) What do I take away from such a meeting? Knowledge that the folks on the Marketing and Community teams are committed to finding the best possible ways to serve their respective communities, and are always looking for input on a variety of topics from a variety of people. We had dinner at the American Grille, followed by an event up at the Voodoo Lounge. The view from the 51st floor is spectacular, with the majority of the Las Vegas strip visible. The event started while the sun was still up, so getting to see the city come to life as the sun set was a very memorable experience.

Friday was the opening of the main Fan Faire event. We began in the morning with an EverQuest Summit, discussing upcoming expansion plans, as well as class/game balance issues. I've included pictures from the convention area, as well as the discussion panels. Friday saw many panels and events including new themes (Designing Quests and Community Relations). The day culminated in a large community gathering, where John Smedley addressed the crowd and helped introduce some new expansions, new products coming in the future, as well as Legends of Norrath, which was to begin beta shortly after the Fan Faire. The evening event finished up with a live Karaoke band playing beside the Rio's 4 swimming pools (yep, same great band from the Atlanta event). 

Saturday featured the EverQuest LiveQuest, as well as more discussion panels. In the evening there was the grand Banquet, which this year included a real life wedding.

The event was a lot of fun, especially with the inclusion of games and players beyond the EverQuest universe. Seeing the passion and commitment from SWG and Vanguard players, and the general respect and fun had by all the attendees at the event was quite cool. Thanks to Brenlo, Ashlanne, Zatozia, Grimwell, Em, Jen B, the hard working interns, and the rest of the community team for putting on such a great event. 


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