SOE Fan Faire 2006 - Atlanta
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Another Fan Faire has come to a close, and its time to make another compilation of pictures and not-so-witty commentary about the event. This time I actually included some quick videos as well. They were shot on my digital camera, so I apologize in advance for the limited quality.

I arrived on Wednesday, and was surprised to see many folks from SOE arriving in the area at the same time. Here's a very quick video of the bus ride, essentially for me to test out the video on my camera:  Shuttle

Thursday was the EverQuest Community Summit, and many issues were discussed, including some mention of an upcoming expansion and the potential for a new special rules server, as well as the usual class balancing conversations.

Friday was the opening of the main Fan Faire event. I've included pictures from the convention area, as well as the discussion panels. In the evening, there was a reception in the main ballroom, followed by an event at a local Atlanta hotspot called the Tabernacle. This festive little place included a DJ and live music on the first 2 floors, and a live Karaoke band in the basement.

Two quick videos came from that event:

1) Gallenite sings Hard to Handle

2) Breakin the Law (didn't catch the singer's name)

Saturday featured the EQ LiveQuest, as well as more discussion panels. In the evening there was the grand Banquet.


As per usual, the event was very well put together and in a very fun location. Kytherea and the Devs were available for anyone who wanted to step up and talk pretty much all weekend, and  Brenlo did his usual superb job of keeping everyone entertained during the evening gatherings and contests throughout the days. The event gets better every year, and the SOE gang seems to have a fun time entertaining us away from the game for a change.

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